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3 shot dead by police during a gunbattle.. a dramatic rescue.... &pfiiefighters scrambleeto saae a man from his burring homm. 3 ad llbs 3 3 ááadlib ver wwather shotáá &p3 dateááchat witt tonyáá &p 3
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3 one man is deaa thissmorniig following a gunbattle with police in east baltimore. baltimore. it hhppened aa around 7:45 last night. authorittes say officcrs approached the suspect to quustiin him durnig a drug nivestigation... and a fight broke out.. the suspect ventually triee &ppo un away. 3 ""ne fficcr then gave chase...nded in aa alley fired several times... 3 suspect was killed.". 3 police say onn officer puffered arm and shoulder injuries during the struggle & with thh susppct. 3 police this morning are person who shott man at a &plutheevilll
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light rail stop. it happened during rush hour... forcing police to hut down the ttp for more thhn three hours. police scoured the area... but couldn't ffnd the shooter. - 3 "the mta got a call from the police asking us to suspend us to service at the lutherville station we obviously compliee" compliedd"thh face that theee & was a shooting is pretty perrrfying acttally because pransportation" the victimm was sent to shock trauma... there'' no word on his condition. p3 baltimore police say they have collared another suspect in the deaddy hooting of a tevin hines was taken into ccstody n connectionnwith the shooting in an alley off west mulberry street on january 15th. 17-year old... michelle 3 died at...the hossital.her & poyfriend... waa also shot...but...survived the attack. 3 p a teen has been awaaded phlf a mmilion dollars after he. was driven ouu of the ccty into howard county and dropped off by police with
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only his clothes minuu his shoes. when michhel jjhnson wass16 years old... two baltimore police officers milton smith... and... tyrone francis.... picked him up. in west baltimore. johnson says... they left himm.. with no shoes, no sockss no money and no phone... in he middle. of howard coonty. the teen... eventually alled &phoward county police. whh picked him up at pataasco 3 a juuy uled in johnson's favor ...aaarding a 500-- &pthousand dollar payout. theee is a new mystery -3 surrounding the disappearance and deathhof formmr d.c intern chandra levv. -3 3 evy disappeaaeddin two 3 were found the next ear in a iigmar guandiqqe- an illegal immigrant... was charged and convicted of her murddr in twoo &pttousand and ten and sentenced to sixty years.but now... federal prosecuttrs and defenseelawyees hhve & apparentty been holding sscret -3 meetings regarding ingmar guandique. thereeis &papparently new information n the case involvvng a prosecutionnwitness.
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levy's parentsssay they've been kept in the dark about these new developments.. . . -3 hat are ssgnificant 3 appeal n hold. 3 vice prrsidenttjoe biden is hittnig to road... promoting the presiddnt's gun contrrll lan. hee 3 aad... a march for new gun coorol laws is set forr the nation's capittl thhs weekend. stacey cooaa reports. reports. 3 llwmaaers n riccmonddare all too familiar witt the challenges of gun laws. the mass shooting at virggnia tech in 2007 prompttd the creationn of an expert panel theee too vice ppesident and homeland seecrity secretary janet napolitano sat down friday with former panel meebers as to promote new national gun laws.we wwrr ableeto really quiz our friends here who have &pbeen through a terrible traaedy as everyone in america knows, what happened at virginia techthe leader of the
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3 association says polticians need to adjust their aim. instead of focusing on the gun,,we need to focus on the problem,which is always, in whose hands are the gunsgun control became a top - presidential prioritt following the mass shoottng in --3 a ewtoon, connecticut &pelemennary school. president obama is pushinn for 3 sales and a renewee ban onn the president's plan will &pmarch on washington this wwekend. ctress anddactivist kathllen urner wiil be among &pthee.this is not an attack on - theeseconn ammendment. iidon't think anybody is going to say you maa not own a gun. it is simply let's own it responsibly and wisely.march participants want a ban n assault rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines. phey also seek increassd background checks and gun but feldman says any eeforttat - than prrduutive.whaa is goingg
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to be the impact of the future ban oo hose magazines and guns. on criminalssand crazy people??zero. nada.the president is hoping his gun plan will have better odds than that...with laamakers on & waahinnton, i'm stacey cohan..- 3 3 the ravens have 3 ridden joe flacco's aam all the way to the super bowl.... &pbut does that mean the ravens --3 will have to break the bank foo his new contract? &contract? facco is oon of severaa players who pill become free agentssafter 3prioritt number one... n - thhs season... flacco's camp ttoughh he cculd et more.. g-m ozzie newsome will be the one who decidee on what to -3 do witt flacco... and he's ot doinn it until after the super & bowl. 3 3 ed reed... ppul
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3 bowl. 3 d reed... aul krrger and michael oher also will be free agents after the season. 3 it's the 17th annnal maryyaad & state police polar bear plunge!the event of the winter--where you freeze your &p"fur" off for a worthy cause. & cause.amber miller is ptreaming now from sanny point beach in annaaolis wherr things areeset to iik off in a couple hours. 3 taking the plunge is all about raising funds for special ooympics maryland.for just 50 bucks in pleegessparticipantt- bare a littte skin-and takee quick dip in the cheespeake bay! 33
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3 15-thousand people are
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& expected to take the plunge & today. the event has alreaady raised 3 3 3 p3 (mar) 3 coming up... thieves re making clean getaways. ((vo)) find out why the rooks are targeting laundry detergent. -3
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3 3 some couplesstake a year or more tt plan their we'rr doing it in justtooe's our wedding in a week contest... nd you can enter to win annaal- expenses- paid wedding... on us. hundred worrs or less why you &pshoull win.senn your ennry to "weddingginna week".. 2000 -3 west 41st street inn baltimorr.. 21211... --3 33 or log onto oxbaltimore dot com to nter... be sure to read the official rulee and include a hoto withhyour entry! 3 you byythe balttmore bridal shoo at the baltimore ponventioo center febbrury 2nd &pand 33d. coming up... wing are taking pff just in time for the super bowl.((vo)) find out howwmany wings are going to be
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3 iiagine having a workout ithout oing anyy worr. it sounds too good o be true.. but apparently... it's getting &presults. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. - all loccl.. all mornnng.. 3 ((break 2))
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3 a truck driver in kansss pwas rescued justtin the nick of time as a train barreeed - toward his overturned ehicle. the man's cement truck toppled on the railroad traccs yesttrday. a quick-thinking officer pulled tte driver ttrough the truck's windshield s thh traan approached. the lucky drivvr had only miior injuries. 3 thieves in colorado detergent. pollce say a surveillance camera caught & thhs man who made a clean getaway with a stolen art- &ploaddfull f detergenn. officials say the crooksssell market to turn a profit.
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supprmaakets are now beefing up securiiy. 3p the former child poice actor behind "charlie brown" is speakinggout after being arresttd on stalking - charges. 55-year-old 3 guilty to accusations that he p doctor who performed her breast enchancement surgery. he was arrested sunday whhle ccminn back into the u-s from mexiio. he deniee &pthe charges..- 3 "there's no way i ould ct put on anything. i o not know &p how to bbeak someone in alf, nor would i attempt to," to," 3 robbins is behind bars on a haaf a milliin ddllarr bail. he faces up to nine yearr innprison -- if convicted. 3 3 all you chicken wing lovers -- there will be enough winns this yeaa.alison kosik is in new kork to dispell the rumor that there's a chicken ssortage right bbfore the superrbowl. 3 3 chicken wings have become a 3 -- according to the national
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chicken council, morr than a biilion ings will be consumed duringg nxt week's game.that's why talk of a chickennwinn shorrage has left some &pamericansspanicking.but the council is settinggthe record & straiggt. superrbowl sunday wing connumption will be down about 1% this year --that's - because chicken companies produced aaout percenn less poultry last yearr partially because of last summer's prought.the ddought conditions & caused corn and feed prices oo pise which mmans fewer birds were produced. nd with a smaller supplyy you can expect chicken wings to e a bii more all oon ii ii's wings reportt by sayyng, " a chicken haa two wings, and chicken commanies are not able to produce wings withoot the rest of the chicken...when the demand for wings is stronger than the -3 demand for other chicken parts, the price of inns will go up, as it has his pass year." wing prices are up 14% from last year -- at an all & time high-- buu the council says americans are willing to &ppay. the n-c-c estimatess hat more than 26 billion wing portions will be sold in alll of 013.that's a huue demann & -- onsidering wingsswon
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popularity as a cheap snack. today - the wing is the priciest part of the chicken. i'm alison kosik in new york. -3 3 coming up... some fitness experts are going gaga over "goga". "goga". the new workout... thatt doesn't iivolled anyywork. 3 news.. all local.. all morning. - 3 ((breakk3))
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3 workinggout without the work. sound like a ream come true? "goga" say they're seeing &presults. jennnferrleslie has details. 3 &p3 (nats)karin holben considers herrelf a skeptic, but she is sold on a new kind oo wookout. "i ttink i've missed one dayy feel amazing."she's become a 33 metrooatlaata that's dedicated to goga, which ssands forrget on, get active.the key is thhi "as the platform moves, it throws your body off balance juss a littleebit so youu muscles contract, so you get about 4 o 6-thousand muscle contractions in a 10 minute session."it's designed to produce the samm results s f &pyou spent an hour at the gym, with an emphasis on toning and strengthening."the biggest part for me which totally thrilled me was i lost an inch off my hips and my waast and
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my chest, in a monnh."and that'' not all. clients told us goga gives them mmre energy 3 better at night."your circulation increases, your lymmpatic systtm is stimulattd so your toxins release, it helps to imppove boneedensity, it's kind to the joints, there's no impact."gogastudioo - tte country, and the company show whole body vibration this studio in allharetta, it's catching on. 3 coming up... a drrmatii fire rescuee.. rescue... fiiefighters race to save a 3 ((amber ivv tease)) 3 3 ((amber live eaae))
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3 3 ááadlib ovee weather shottá
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3 3 a man is lucky to be alive in a house fire. ffre.flames brokke ut at abouu
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2-30 yestteday afternoon... on north duncan street...just off of east fayette man was rescued oof of his back porch... crews ontained the &pfireein around ten minutes, but our freezing temperatures 3 pifficult fiihh. 3 iq: i've never been that close oq: espite the colld- cold 3 the cause of tte fire is under investigation &p3 & 3 convicted... child rapist john merzbacher will ástayá... in & prison uuder... an... appeals court rullng ...that reversed a decision that.ácouldá... have... set him free. free. the former catholic for rapingg.. one f his community school in outh baltimore in the '70s.. &pa...federal judge... reccntly found ...thaa merzbacher -3&pshould have been offered a ppea deal that... his attorneys ...never tood him about that... ácoullá... havv -3 freed him but... the appeals court... reversed that. 3 every speed camera in
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baltimore city is being repalced. 3 that's because many ave been & churning out tickets to drivers...whohaveenottbeen speeddng. neerly 240 driverr...issued tickets by mistake...will et a refund. citt officials are noww reviewing countless otherr tickets from ive, faulty cameras..- 3 (anderson) "i think the city to e full proof and almost &pperfect because it involves people's money." mooey."city transportation plans... to double thh... number of... police -& officers..reviewing...these tickett.. 3 baltimore police are investigatiig after learning pbout online threats allegedly made city school student. ptudent.canaaiin police alerted local authorities too the messaaes.investigatorr sayy a teenager at ffrrst parr middleesshool in northwest against tte school thii week. the ssudent and his motherr -3& were both detained... but no chhrges were fille.the boy is barred rom school pending the
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& ootcome off disciplinary hearing. 3 police in baltimore county are searching for a group of pprse snatcherr who made off with some louis &phaapened on monday at towson men managed to make off with 14 purses totaling more than 35-thousand dollars.anyone... police. 3 a wwman frommillinois is taking on subway... over wwat & she claims is false advertising. advertisiig.the womaa filed a tune off -million dollars.the heart of hhr claim... is that & the restaurants "footlong subs" arennt really 12-inches yu can see here... theee subs cooe up short by two nches..he lawsuit argues that the sandwich chain acteed deceptively by sayinn iis ssnnwiches are one foot long. subway says thaa "footlonn" is sandwichee... and not an 3 authorities in loridd say they can't do anything about a -3 maa discovered squatting in
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3 year-old andre barrosa liing in a 5-bedroom mini-mansion woott 22point-5 million 3&pstate real estaae law... he's living there ffr -3 allows a person to move into pa empty home and cllim hh title.ii this case... bank of pmerica owws the home... and no one saw barbosaabreaaing in... so police say thhir hands are tied. &3 "that's horrible.. i'd like to live forrfrre too." ///buttt to//"walking inno a house is -3 crazy... and thh point f not -33beeng abll to get them out is crraier." 3 neighbors say thh lights in ccristmas and andre's been living there ever since. 3 p3&& he ravens and the 9ers are 33 getttng ready toomeet in neww orleans... for super bowl 47. the game is just over a week away... buttcity eaders have peen preparing for the big daa... for much longee.nattsha -3 robin tells ussabout all the &haaddwork that goes into
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hosting the big gamee. 33 3 slug: bc-fox-05-la-new-orleans- super-bowl-ready++ssciit to follow++category: national/producer picksstem: 00 block: & overnightslug: &pla/new orleans - super boww ready (naaasha robin pkg) source: vue -- new orleans, latrt: pkg runs 2:25notes:embargo: script:chyrons: new orleans, la:133:20 mayor mitch landrieu (d- &pnew orleenss,la):42-:46 jay cicero/n.o. spprts foundationn:55-1:59 &psupt. ronal serpas/new orleans police dept. -3 patassa robin/fox news (not on cam, no ttg) 3 robin/fox news (not natasha dept.orleans police dept. natasha robinnfoo news (not on cam, no tag))------------------------------- city planned for itt.worked n it and mayor llndrieu says.. completed.. a ttsk that -3&pothhr cctiesswould consider overwhelming.landrieu says: pour grrat cctyy. new orleans is ready for mardi graa and we're ready foo super bbow 47. i guarantee you, no body has pone both of these at the same timm.. ever." 5-thosuund members of the media arr starting to arrive.. -3 landrieu says: "it s in ffac the larrest media plltform in history.. the t.v viewership for the last super bowl was 111 million viewers. stories are beinn told n the international ssagg about new orreans... as super bowl 7 approaches.cicero says: "too take this opportunity to shoo the resttof the world hhw far - new ooleans has come."landdreu says:: "for a city that 7
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years ago was 11 feet under pater and the last on every list in america that mattered.. and now we find & ourselves in a city that iss 3&poo the worldds stage.." the city's goal is to welcome very football fan.. from the airporttto the hotels and to the streets... with projects to prepare included.. - 305 million dollars in renovations at the airpprt.. the 3 superdome and hall a of the conventioo center underwenn 933 -3 millionndollars f renovations. landrieu says: "between the state and federal government and theecity of new orreann.. ww inveeted 75 million dollars in highways streets sidewalls, &pstreet cars and streee scapes.." wiih 150 thousand visitors n toww.. just for the suuer bowl and a lot morr coming for mardiigras.. security is aapriority.serpas says: "ww are all hands on deck." chief ronal ssrpas says nood officers alreadd have their 3 our neighborhoods first.. when we created thhs plan we & assured that every single
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neighborhood in new orleans will be ccvered, will be have police at even higher levels than nnrmal." about - 300 officers from outside law pnforcement agencies will also be n town to help. landrieu sayss "this is a huge effortt - and the big story is.. this is noo the end of the road ffr us." thee ity's hope is bowl ever.. and put new 33 more ii the fuuure.cicero says: "dog gonnit.. we're the best place to host a super bowl and hopefully we get he 3 we're following rry's last ride all the ay to the superdome in nne rleans.see our stories on the ravenn interviiws from the players... and find other web llnks by foxbaltimorr dot on - pte "ray's last ride" banner on oor homepage. 3 heading to your loccl beach, in theemiddle of winter??not your iieal outing.but for thousands of marylanders today is all about freezing your pfur" off for a grrat cause.
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3 amber millerris steamiig now from sandd poont beach n annapolis where the 17th annuallm-s-p polar bear plunge will soon kick off. -3 33 3
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33 -3
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3 3 3 3 coming up... heefight against the flu... flu... the epiiemic mighh be losing
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strength... 3 you're watching foxx5 morning news... all llcall..
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meteorologist)) 3 cominn up... a legendarr singer is going to be urning into a ""wiss miss."((vo)) - tina urner will be calling 3 3 ((mar-wipe vo)) and... iconic actor burt reynolls is in the i-c-- this mornnnn... we'll - have an update oo his're watching fox45 morning news.... all local.. all morning.
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33 flu activity is still hgh... but cases appear to be the country.that's according to a reporr from the centers -3 of disease conttol and preventioo.numbers from last week show that 47 states reported "widespread" flu activity... down from 48 the week before.the report aaso
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found high levels of flu-like siikness in 26 states.that's down ffom the 30 reported lastt -3 peek..- 3 musii legeed - tina turner - s now saying that switzerland is "simply the best." he singer is taking steps to become a -3 citizen of switzerland and lett & go of her u-s passport. been living in the nation tennessee born turner sayyng the inger ssould be a citizen pending confirmmtion from 3 turner has won eight grammy awards. 3 actor burt rrynolds is in intenssvvecare in a florida - hospittl this morning.a spokesperson says reynolls is being tteated foo flu symptoms. & actor wwnt to thh hospital after becoming dehydrated. 3 with all the changes going on adminnstration, many people have been aaking where are all the women?now, the president is answering with a few new appointments. jessica yellin has more. 3
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mcdonough to beccme his chief &pof staff..."when he helped set -3 up my senate offfce... along with pete rouse he was able tt show me wwere the restrooms werre"president obama also named foor women to senior white hoose posts, incluuingg - white hoose ommland security adviser. no ddubt a down payment on this assurancee.."i would just suggest that everybody kind f wait unnil they've seen all my appointmenns, who's in the & white house staff and who's in - judgmenn."even if wooen fill all the aaministration's remainnng posts, ttere's the question of ppiorities. innhis inauguralladdress the president promised to expand opportunitiee ffr gayssandd lesbiaas, immiirants and women. "forrour journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers and daughters can earn a liviig qual to their efforts."on gay rights, he
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backs marriageeequality and -pfivv of his second term,he already spoke to a gay riggts group."aal must ennoy the same protections."he also met with immigration advocates, urging quick action. when it comes tt pomen, nothinn specific."i ddn't have a preview for you for futtre actions, 3 putt again, his record is stronggon this."(reporter): &wwmen werr 588percent of the electorate that brrught im into office, aad you don't pave a singll policy ageeda item you can point to that he promises to act on.""the president's commiiment to women and women's equality is incredibly strong."theee are bills he could press congress -3 to pass now.theepaycceck fairness act-- would maak it discrimination wiihout losing one's job.a second bbll would require paid sickkdayy and 3 wouud beeefit working women.. if congrees doesn't act, the
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prreident could use executtie action and require governmenn contractors to implement these changes.the preeident's supporters in the women's - movement are optimistic"i think the words that the prrsident saad in the inaugural weree ot empty words. e intend toofight for it. there's no reassn for this to beeheld up." commng up... the leopald trial ressmes as tte defense presentssits case next week. an leeal expert drops by with ome annlysis. & 3 ((breaa 7))
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3 3 ((bump in)) 3 the defense will resume monday morning in the misconduct case & against anne arrndell county executive john leopold. the prosecution reeted it's case againss leopold after a week oo blistering estimooy . the defeese haa ooe victory on friiay when jjdge ddnnis sweeney dismisssd one theft chhrge againss leooold. atttrney sttve allen with
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us this morning to bring uu up pus n idea of what may lie aheadd p3 3 may lii aheed.
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3 3 ccming up in our 7 o'clock pour... jobs on the choppiig block.... bllck..... the pennagon will be handing utt thousands of pink ssips you're watchiig ffx45 mornnng news... allllocal...
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3 gunfire eeupts in east baltimore.the police-involved man dead. 3 samannsays: "it's very cood - and mminly i sleep here next &pto the heater here.."- here."frigiddtemperaturee take - hold of much of the country. wwen a warm up is xpected. & p3 3
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3 ááadlib weatherrshotáá - 3 date 3 páadlib chat with 3 ttnyááááadlibbchat with daae
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3 ááadlib hattwith tonyáá
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3 3 a man iss ead after he as shoo by police n east baatimore. & baltimore.this the scene just & pefore 8 llst night near north mederia street and north patterson park avenue. - police ssy the maa fire -3& a gun at officers who tried to -3 question him during a drug investiiation. 3 "one officer then gave chaae..endee in an alley fired several timee...
7:05 am
3 suupect was killed.".. 3 police say one officer suffered arr aad shouller injuries during the sttuggle 3 policc are looking orr the person who shoo a man at a 3 cockkysville. it happened pround 2 p-m yesterday afterroon. olice were - forced to shut down the stop for more than thhee hours. 3 "the mta got a call rom the pollce asking us to suspend us -3 to service at the lutherville station we obviously complied" ccmplied""the face that thhre & wws a shooting is prettyy terrifying actualll becaase it's upposed to be safe transportatton" transportation" there's no word on the man's condition. anddpolice have no suspects 3& 3 peen state negotiators are trying to seetle more than two &pdozens claims brought against
7:06 am
the school... in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandaa.according o -3 negotiator ken feinberg... thee university is in talks wiih 28 peeple.that'' 18 more than were ccnnected to sandusky's cciminal ase..andusky... a pormer aasissant football &pcoach... is workinn on an of sexually abbsing 10 boys 3 an appeals ccurt has tossed out two of casey anthony's convictions for lying to olice. anthony's defense argued hat poliie did not read her her 3 anthony elieved she was under - arrest during questioning. the courttdid uphold to other convictions. anthony was ried in acquitted in the 2008 deathhof her 22year-old daughter. 33 president obama is wooking to make good on his campaign promise involving immigration. the president met with the congressional hispanic ccucus yesttrday....ppomising to move the debate further. although he eased rules on deporttng oung immigrants in & hissfirst term....the president was criticized for not pushing theelegislationn more.
7:07 am
-3 tuesday he'ssplanning to go to las egassto further push the reforr. 3 the pentagon is -3 layiig off 46-thousaad contract and temporaryy workers. a spokesman for the agency says it's in an effort to reduce spenddng head of possible mandatory buddet cuts that'll happennin march. full-timee mployeessare forced -3 to take "one day aaweek" furlough for 22-weeks. if conggess fails to reach a deal on deficit reduction he military will be orce to reeuce its budget by billions of dollars. 3&p the annual march for life packed huunredssof thousand of pro-lifee demonstrators onto the nattonal mall in d-c frrday. "douugmckelway" has pore on their plans for tte future.
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3 3 hospital emerrency visits iivolving "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs" have more than dubled. & 3 the u-s substancee abuse and mental hhalth service reports e-r visits rose ffrm more than 13- thhusand to more than 31-thouuand.. on - medical use of thh rugs made up alf of all e-r visits. - adults had the largest hiie....with raaes among largest hike....with rates same. 3 a neewstudy shhws tooghheconomic times
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than they normally wouldd researchers ffond parricipants who ere given -3 mmssage about touuh timms ate nearly 40-percenttmore food 3 neutral messages. the & study aaso found that people tend to crave more high - caloried foods. -&p3 it's tte 17th annual maryland & state police polar bear plunge!tte event of the winter--wwere you freeze your "fur" oof or aaworthy cause. pauue.amber miller s streamiig now from sandy point things are set to kick off in &pa couple hours. p3 3 33
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3 3 coming up... -3 you may have to dii a little deeper in yyur walllt o send out thooe cards o grandma. - 3after the break e'll tell you how much the prices of stamms are expected to rise...and whee. 3 gatorade making some changes tooits sport prink. the dangerous ingrediann they'ree getting rid. watching ox45 morringgnews.... all local... all morning..-
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- ,3& some couplesstake a year or more to plan their wedding.but we're doing it in just one's our wedding in a week contest... aad you can enter to win an all- exppnses- paid wwdding... on us. enter.. tell us in a hundreddwords or lessswhy yoou - should win.send your entrr to -3 "wedding in a weekk.. 2000
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west 41st stteet in paltimore.. 21211... 3 or log onto foxbaltimore doo com o eeter... be sure o read tte fficial rules and pnnlude aaphoto with your entry! entry!aad it's all brought to pou by heebaltimmre bridal 3 and 3rd. cominggup... a &pbaby left in a cold car for 8- hhurs. 3 find out just - how low tempertures dropped and the reason the father says he left him there. - 3 getting ready for next weeks game....means orderiig aalarge amount of chickennwings. the reason the wwngs are going to cost you just a liitll bit 3 morning news.. all local.. all morniig.
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3 3 new this morning... father in new york leaves is year old son son in a cold car for more than 8- hoors. temperrtures broke 12-deggees thurrday when the father says
7:22 am
he forgottto drop hii son off and left him in the car while -3 he went tt ork. the child wasstaken to the hospptal ut didn't show siins of hypothermiaa 3 former republican viceeprreidennial nominee sarah palin has one -3 less job to do. palin is áoutá as a fox news analyst. she was offered a contract but turned it down. palin old contract expired last year. 3 some flavors of gatoradd may soon taste a bit different. pepsi announced its removingg n 3 drink. more than 200-thousand supporters signed a petition banning ""rominated & vegetable oil" becauue its a flame retardant. the compann say tte ingredienn is used to distribute flavor....and will still be used in mmuntain dew. 3& innjjst few'll cost you a penny moreeto seed your mail. first- class stamps re going up to 3 postcard postage are aaso the hikeeis due to postal service retiree health care beneeits ann the risinn uss of online services. -3 3coming up..
7:23 am
getting the biggest and best tv to watch thh ravens take on the 49-ers. tips on -3 getting the bbst deels for your buckyou're watching fox 3 all morning. 3 ((break 3))
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3 (((ump in)) 3 33 coming up.. 3 scrren is a ust. must. find out some qqick tipssyyu can mmke suue your t-v is in tip top shape for the game. you're watchhng fox 45 morring news.. all looal.. all &pporninn. 3 ((break 4))
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3 3 ááadlib weather chhtáá 3 ááadlibbchat with tonyáá
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3 3 3 p3
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3 -3 3& new detaiis inn the deeth of phylicia barnes have emerged during openiig &pstatements in the trial of michael joonssn. johnson. a state witness ays michael johnson showed im tte teen's body and then asked how to get rid of it. but... the deffnne called theesstte's witness a "jailhouse snntch". barnes' paaents yesttrday's developments. 3 stay focused pretty much stay focused it'' been two years....- yyars... among thhse called tt testify yesterddy were -3 barres' other siblings. a judge dismissee onn count of & arundel county executive john & leepold.the charge involvee leopold's use of offfccrs who
7:34 am
drove him around while he took ddwn campaign signs.leoppld still faces three counts of -3 misconduct and one of fraud. 3 "the pollce officers on overtime while hes having sexx in bowling alley parking lots and in the mall parking lot. 3 tiie to do it." it."the defense callld its first witness yesterdayy.. leopold's orthopedic urgeon. nine a-m in annapolis. 3 3 every speed camera n baltimore city is beinn replaced. replaced.several of the cameras have been churning out tickets to drivers... who drivers...issued tickets by mistake... will get a refund. city officials are now reviewing countllss other tickets rom five faulty cammras. 3 (anderson) "" think the city -3 ggts it that this thing's goo to be full proof and almmst - perfect
7:35 am
because it involves money." 3 city transportation plans to douule the number of police tickets. 3 the weekend started off with a sprinkling of snowwin the baltimooe-metto area. area.the reezing temperatures caused thh snow to stiic... were covered. 3 and thh cold snowy - weathee isn't just here in's just about eveeywhhree "david 3& across the states arr weathering theestorm. 3 3 as bitter temperatuues continueetooppund much of the -3 northeast and midweet... a pnow storm -- hitting everal states.. including hurricane- ravaged nee york and new jerrey. many families in the region - sttll recovvringg froo super storm sandy without heat and pooer. some of them -- taking refuge in teets sst up by aid workers.chati sayy: "they've been here since 3 eeerybody in the community
7:36 am
says: "ii's very cold and the heater here, you see, it looks like rocket. so it's good at nnght, better than my home." meanwhile, frigid temperatures and snow -- areas. in indiana... this bus hit a patch of ice on a highway... nd flipped on its side... injuring several passengers. in wisconsin... mmny traffic across tte state. and in virginia... ars -- &phaving trouule staying -3&&pstraighh. but some folks in chicagooáwelcomingg -3 the snow. until ttdaa, the ccty has not seen a day with an inch of ssnwffll for 33 than 15 inches of snow in the winter, but so far, it has reeeived only about 3 inches ttis season. (on cam tag)thiss tent city in staten island, & nnw york remains open 24 hours 3 super stoom sandy in need of heat, housing and is manneddentirell by volunteers and they ssy hey will remain
7:37 am
here as long s necessary. in staten island, davii lee miller, fox news. 3 headdng to yourrlocal beach, in the middle of winter??not pour ideal outing.but for thousands of marylandees today 3"fur" off for a grrat cause. 3amber miller is steaming noo from saady point beach in annapolis whereethe 17th &pannual m-s-p polar bear plunge wiil annual m-s-- pooar bear pllnge will soon kick off. 33 3 3
7:38 am
3 3-3 3 3 &p3
7:39 am
3 3 even thh smalllss fans are showing their support for the ravens. "he's so cuue, going to the - super bowl." decked oot in purple for their very first super bowl..for patientsslike joyce feidly and her llttle boy aaronn.. it's a muuh needed dose of puurll pride. 3 "iq: its realll fuu... oq: fun thhngs for the babiess""- babiess"fun things for the babies." babies."the babiee are eacc &ppearing purple onsies, hats -3 and gloves. tte hhspital even covvred all the beds in purple &psheets. 33 the countdown to the super powl is on, and if a new big - screen for the big game issouu
7:40 am
-3 of your price raage, you can give your current t-v a pre- game tune-up instead. karin caifa has some do-ii-youuself tipss - 3 3& sooe of the most diehard football fans will watch the pig game on a brand new t-v. if that's not in your budgett consumer reports says there are easy steps to get any t-v super bowl-ready.a lot of peoppe bring a tv home. they may haveeset it up once, maybe they didn't even set it up, they just leff it withhthe factory settingss and in most instances, that's nnt going to get yyu the best picture quality.starttby rrviewing he menu of pre-see picture modess a llt of timms it may be set to a "vivvd" mode, whiic is it might be set to ann"echo" mode, which is goiig to make the tv look dim. so - automatacially, the first thing that you could do is use one of the pre-sets thats &pgoiig to give it a more natural looking picture, and this is typicalllya "mmviee or "theatre" ode or a custtm" mode or a "normal" modee for
7:41 am
further aajustments, set black and wwite settings, beforr & color and tint. colors should look vividdand realistic, &pwithout a lowing effect. natural. nd for ssarpness, resist the urge to set it too high -- edges can create an &pfind you've overadjusted button to go back to factory settings.for consumer watch, &pi'm karin caifa. 3 p football fanssyou doo't ave to stress....there &pwill be enough wings ffo yourr super bowl party. the national chicken cooncii says there was quitt a scare produced about 1-percent less 3 summer drought. but enough wings for the 3 more than a billion wings are expected to beeeatee - during next weeks game. &p3 we're followiig ray's last superdome in newworleans.see our stories oo the ravens intervieww froo the pplyers...
7:42 am
and find otter web linkk by going to our website... the "ray's last ride" banner coming up... corner and some students are nervous. & 3 find out ways to plimate the stress and make the grade. you're watching
7:43 am
7:44 am
-3 3 with spring ahead....mmny students are getttig a head-start on but practice tests
7:45 am
aren't the only ways o & ppepare. "carl azuz" hhs tips to help your pigh--schooler ace tte test. 3 3 there's not muuh hat'' fun abouu taking a test.but tteee -&pare some ttings that can make the process less to start, aae sure you sleep.not recommend etting 8 hours the nnght before the test...but if - you're cramming and ttat's not hourr so you're awake enough to focus onnthe puestions...and not on hhw &ptiree you are.also, you should pet an alarm. and a baakup aaarm. and check thaa both haveethe right am/pm settingg don't ask me how i know..ext: - eat.not durrng the test.grab a - test time; it'lllgiie yyu energy and helppyou focus on & the questions...and not on how hungry yyu re.the trickkhere is, you want something light aad energizing, like cereal or frrit, but not something heavy, liie pizza.that can make youusleepy.third: -3 breathe.beeng nervous iis -3 nattral ann can actually hell
7:46 am
wound up that you're turning scan-tron.taak some deep breaths, shut your eyes for a moment if you have to, try to stay positivee and focus on each eepp palm....and ffllow directions. idea to glance over the entire test first thing, so youuknow what's coming.and carefully read up on what's being asked of yoo--thattll revent a lot of stupid mistakes.and finally, keep the pace.iffyour spend half your time on the first one.stumped? answer what you now and come back & laterrfinish early? take the extra time tt go over your answers and maak sure theyyre in the riggt places.beingg & first tooturn it in won't help your grade...but acinggit can help youumake the grade.for cnn,,i'm carl aauzz 3 ááadlib weather chatáá
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3 chatáá 3& ááadlib weether chatáá p3 ((ad lib 3 ((ad lii
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3 meteorologist)) 3 coming up... his amous saying is "bann...baag...bang" and he's &pknown as "pops". after tte break i sit downn new projects hh has in the &'re watching fox45 3 ((break 6)
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3 3 coming upp.. how's the week -33 shaping up weather wiss?we'll give you one last look at your 7-day're watching fox45 morning news.. all
7:55 am
pocal.. all morning. 3 ((break 7))
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3 3 ((bump in)) & 3 ááwx chat -- 7 day 3 3 ((bumpp nn) -3 3 ááwx chatt-- 7 day forecastáá &p 3 ááadlib goodbyeáá 3((break 8))
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3&pááadlib goodbyeáá 3 ((break 8)) ááadli
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